Because He Has Dealt Bountifully With Me

photo credit: Daddy

The fertile land awaits a hundred and some little plants and sackfuls of seeds. Today was ‘Greenhouse Day’. I love greenhouse day! I anticipate it like a holiday! This means that we should have all we need for tomorrow, which is planting day – not anticipated like a holiday, ha! Planting day is no holiday mainly because here in Michigan, planting season is delayed so late. When we can finally work the gardens, the day’s heat is not pleasant!

photo credit: Daddy

As we were praying this week with the family before bedtime, the children were thanking God for the land and the opportunity to grow much of our produce. Their little voices were acknowledging that only the Creator gives the increase. We prayed that God would give us a fruitful, abundant yield. They know this will require hard work on their part, early mornings, some not-their-favorite eggplant dinners; but they also know well the joy of giving the firstfruits.

Have you heard of this word, ‘firstfruits’, before? It describes the way we recognize that God is the Sustainer and Giver of all good gifts – by offering the first rewards (or ‘fruit’) of our labors back to Him. Planting extra grape tomato plants for the neighbor who loves them, zucchini for a friend who enjoys to bake, or gifting fresh vegetables to those that need them are acts of firstfruits.

So tomorrow we will draw in a breath of earthy air, look for those gardening gloves, and plant these green little beauties in anticipation of when we can offer their firstfruits!

photo credit: Eva

“I will sing to the Lord, because he has dealt bountifully with me.”

Psalm 13:6

with love. Damaris