Family Currents

This week, we celebrated Mother’s Day. My mom was only a phone call away, and Nathan’s parents live within a half hour from us. We spent the afternoon with them after church. This Mother’s Day was beautiful! The simplicity of it made it beautiful – Nathan and his Dad made every effort to prepare Sunday dinner, and it was a delectable success. I made a Red Velvet Trifle (with chocolate ganache – decadent!).

In the mornings, we read Scripture with the kids. Recently we’ve read through the Psalms, but this week, we have been enjoying God’s Battle. We have previously read God’s Names and God’s Design. These short readings at the breakfast table always encourage my heart, and I pray it turns the children’s thoughts toward God as they begin their day. Each chapter even has questions at the end – although we rarely make it into those, ha!

We have been loving this diffuser and this set of essential oils! My favorite oil blend is so relaxing! I try to remember to refill it at night with a purifying oil blend. When I go downstairs in the morning, the house smells so clean! I know one of my maids has been working (wink, wink).

These cuties are sporting new shoes! While the big kids were at art class, the three youngest and I found this sale, and oh how a girl loves her shoes!

with love. Damaris