Family Currents

The enormous happening at our house this week was the visit of Spanish grandparents whom we call Yayo and Yaya! While my parents are here for a few days, we have a little something special planned for every day of their stay – birthday celebrations with cake and ice cream, multiple rounds of UNO, a Toys R Us visit, Arby’s lunch, hair curling, sewing projects, a petting farm, and sweetest of all, Nathan and I went on a date on his birthday! We will miss them so much when they fly back to Spain in a few days!!

We make a pot of this smooth tea almost everyday! It tastes especially delicious in the afternoons when we are all slowing down and begin to wish it was almost supper time! It is decaffeinated (perfect for the little guys) and a pleasant combination of spices. We always enjoy the tea with a little cream (or milk) and honey. It’s the best chai when served hot, warm, or iced! Is there a favorite family drink at your house?

Our girls love to fill the rooms with sweetness and joy! They delight to cut flowers and make rooms bright and cheery! Sweet Williams are the most picked lately since they have a brother with the same name -ha!

with love. Damaris