Family Currents

Haying time marks exciting days at the farm! The boys worked hard to store the bales behind the great barn doors. Grilled brats and sleeping on the hay wagon helped restore some sore muscles.

Isn’t it hard to find grown up hair accessories? This week I found my new favorite! This chunky circle hair clip requires a large amount of hair for it to stay in place, but using a couple inconspicuous bobby pins does the trick. I have been wearing it everyday!

Our third-born William Dean’s 9th birthday was just a couple of days ago. He’s a birth story junkie (really, all the kids are), but we’ll spare you the details. William was born on the perfect summer Sunday. We welcomed him early in the morning on Father’s Day.

My parents visit was the most delightful event! So many fun activities planned that I will have share in a post all its own. We were sad to let them go back to Spain, but we’re thankful we don’t have to let go of the memories.

with love. Damaris