Family Currents

Found a new favorite family game – PIT! The kids have loved shouting out their trades like they’re on the stock exchange. Well, new to us, anyway. I think the game has been around since paper-rock-scissors was invented ; ) This box that’s been a staple out our cabin is from 1964.

William was gifted a pair of military aircraft models for his birthday. Alexander is more then happy to help him put them together & paint ; )

(He also reminds me they are a ’45 P-51 and a Navy Corsair)

I forget sometimes how helpful models can be to get kids (boys) focused on an activity, with a goal in mind, using their problem solving and creativity skills!

We’ve been making plans for summer! The kids get excited about the possibilities and we talk about the value of planning in order to be stewards of our time. Michigan summers can be short, let’s make the most of it!

Prolific Petunias! The summer Nate and I were married, my mom had petunias blooming on all of her window boxes in Madrid. We have brought at least a couple of flats or hanging baskets each year since. It’s fun to see their spurts of blooms throughout the summer.

with love. Damaris