Family Currents

photo credit: Nathan

The highlight of our week was, hands-down, Isabel’s birthday! She has grown up so much this year! She is always so calm and unassuming. She’s our constant – but when it comes to her birthday…Lookout! She brings us so much joy, as God works in her to make her his own : )

photo credit: Nathan

Damaris has been reading this book with the girls for the last couple of months. It has been a special treat for the little women of the house in the quiet afternoons. They’ve all enjoyed it, especially the 7, 5, and 3 year old. Not only is the reading enjoyable, but the illustrations are beautiful and draw the little ones in.

I’m a fortunate husband, because for the last 15 years Damaris has been practicing the art of creating a welcoming home. She won’t admit it, but I think she’s mastered it : ) Candles are one of her signature brush strokes. As unassuming as they are, she uses them to set a mood, create an atmosphere…and even cover some smells, I suppose ; ) She told me this candle is one of her new faves. “What makes a favorite candle”, you ask? Well, as I have been informed – it lasts super long, it smells great of course, and it looks classy. What she didn’t say was that it’s from World Market…she pretty much loves everything from them!

All I need is a long and wide front porch, a gentile straw hat, and a rocking chair. Sipping Damaris’ iced tea on a hot, muggy July day makes me think I’m in Savannah. What else is there to do in the mid-day heat, but take it easy?? She actually mixes half of this Tazo with half chamomile for her special brew : )

some thoughts, Nathan