Family Currents

This is one of my favorite household product hacks. It’s stain remover that you can make with two ingredients that everybody has on hand. Choose any spray bottle, fill it 3/4 full of hydrogen peroxide and 1/4 full of liquid dish soap. This is the only stain remover we’ve used for years! It works great!

Yesterday was our first day off school since we started about a month ago. The big kids left early with Grandma and spent the day at a rock quarry where they even witnessed a blasting! We have bags and bags of rock -“treasure” finds. The little girls, Samuel, and I had a very quiet day. The girls rode bikes, we walked to the orchard, ate our fill in apples, baked cinnamon rolls while Samuel napped, and I read aloud. The change of pace was so welcomed!

Our raspberry patch has come back to life! The kids are so excited to see them again. They act like they’re welcoming old friends!

We never can get around to spring cleaning because school days aren’t over until mid May, and by that time, the garden is ready for us. Summertime is too fun to spend indoors scrubbing, so I’ve notice our pattern of spring cleaning in late summer just before school starts. Recently, we’ve splurged on paper towels. We hadn’t bought paper towels in over seven years, and I’m so glad we do now! It makes it easier for the little helping hands to clean up a milk spill without all my kitchen washcloths smelling sour. Paper towels are so worth it! That’s my cleaning splurge. Do you have one? I’d love to hear!

with love, Damaris