Yours For The Taking

The last time we were at the grocery store (I seem to say that a lot. hmmm, I wonder why…), a shopper took a quick count of the little people in and around my heaping buggy and commented something like: “Wow! You must be really busy!” I smiled, satisfied, and thought, “Yes, I’m busy, but isn’t everybody ‘busy’? The whole world has found things to be busy with, haven’t they – working, shopping, hobby-ing, jogging/cycling/spinning/yoga-ing.

Wouldn’t you agree that we all find plenty to do with our time? Everybody’s days get filled, and mine are no different. Since all of us have days filled to the brim, finding time to spend with God isn’t easy.

The clothes need to go in the dryer, before the colors run. The children are waiting for their math lesson to be graded. The girls’ poem needs to be memorized for…tomorrow. The Bible story never got read during nap time. Who will call the dentist for an appointment? The boys’ clothes have required organizing, and now a couple drawers won’t even shut. grrrr.

I have always struggled with trying to make time for quiet prayer and reading, but I am convinced the struggle is worth it! One passage encourages me the most to keep making time – it is the Israelites wandering in the desert missing the food they used to eat in Egypt. {Exodus 16}

Jehovah Jireh (God the Provider) is full of mercy! Not giving them what they deserved, He made white honey-bread that dropped from heaven. He created for them heavenly goodness that would provide for their perceived lack – God was sending them grace. A new grace that they didn’t recognize, so they called out, “What is it?” – literally what manna means. This grace was what God was giving them to be satisfied. This daily blessing was enough.

Not only was God pouring provision down on them, but this miracle was simply theirs for the taking! All the Israelites had to do was stoop and gather the manna each morning. This account from Exodus tells us that he who gathered much had no excess, and he who gathered little had no lack. God gave to each a measure according to their need – enough. In the same way, God gives to us the daily heavenly blessing that satisfies. He made us and He takes care of us. His persistence in pursuing us is lavishing grace.

All that we have to do is come and gather. The one who seeks God enjoys His blessing, strength, and grace – daily grace.

Come gather it! Every day.

with love, Damaris