Family Currents

Do you have an artist in the family? A couple of our children love to draw, color, make sketches and even comics. The stay up at night with a little flashlight shedding enough light for them to see their masterpiece! But we have a couple younger children that are intimidated by the process and often give up before they really try their hand at it. That’s where this book comes in! A friend from our homeschool group had it with her a couple of weeks ago, and I knew it would make a difference in the way my kids approached the little sketches and drawings. It simplifies the pictures and also gives a step by step. I would love to own the whole series, because it’s an amazing tool for drawing with younger kids.

Yesterday, we went to the most charming general store! I had been there years ago, and it was fun to take the whole family! They also had an antiques tent sale with beautiful furniture. If you’re in the area, they’re hosting a huge Fall Festival this weekend.

On a recent visit to Aldi, we picked up these tea biscuits called Spekulatius. They are a crisp butter cookie with a hint of spice. There is a print on the front which is mostly hard to decipher. The days have been cooler this week, and the change in temperatures calls for afternoon tea. We’re enjoy dunking our little German biscuits into hot cups of herbal tea and talking or listening to the audio Bible. It has been a wonderful reset for the second half of the day!

with love, Damaris