Fall Essential Oils

I’ve shared on here before how much I love change! A delightful way to revamp your space is by filling the air with the beloved fragrances of fall.

I am quite the candle addict. Even just lighting a candle is a relaxing ritual to me. There’s nothing I love more that walking around the house greeted by the spicy scents of fall! A flickering candle makes me all warm and cozy inside. The sweet aromas of “Pumpkin Cupcake”, “Warm Sugar Cookie”, “Hot Maple”, and “Caramel Butter” evoke all my favorite feelings about crisp autumn days.

I would love to burn a candle in my home all day long, but they get expensive, and many candles are not free of toxins. I don’t feel deprived, though! There are many essential oils that we’re pretty excited to use this fall season, too!

This is the diffuser we have. If we’re running it in the living room, I add 15-20 drops with the water. If we use the diffuser in a bedroom, we do 5-10 drops. Whether it’s upstairs or downstairs, we always set it to be intermittent. On this setting, it will last all night.

~ 9 drops sweet orange (I use this for moping too)
~ 6 drops cloves

These two are the basic elements for that festive autumn fragrance. A couple more favorite oils to add to the basic recipe are ginger and cinnamon bark. This is an inexpensive way to add freshness too and enhance the smell of your rooms! Also, if it’s a cold-air diffuser, you’ll profit from the therapeutic benefits.

What are some of your quintessential fall scents?

with love. Damaris