Family Currents: Fall Favorites!

We love fall hikes! It’s really the best time of the year to head into the woods and follow the trails. Nathan found a state park that we hadn’t been to yet, and the trails were covered with leaves! It was so beautiful! The best part was running into a couple of ladies riding their horses. Ariel was a very gentle horse!

Changing up the book basket for fall brings new interest and conversations. We’ve had these books in the bookshelf since last year, and we kind of forget about them! Autumn, Fletcher And The Falling Leaves, The Fox Went Out On A Chilling Night (the kids favorite), Pumpkins, and Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn (new to us this year).

Another favorite thing at our house (I’m sure you noticed – ha!) is gathering to eat. We do it several times a day, and this spice cake was the highlight of our baking this week. So delicious! The only change we made was adding a tablespoon of molasses to the cream cheese frosting which made it all the more autumn-y! You’ll enjoy this recipe too, I’m sure! We even ate it for breakfast in a bowl with a little milk.

Nathan and the big boys took field trip (with his office staff) to the BIG HOUSE this past week. For anyone not in the state of Michigan, the Big House is the football stadium for the Michigan Wolverines. We’re not football fans, but the boys still found it to be tons of fun. They loved touring the massive structure, pretending to announce from the announcer’s booth, visiting the locker room, and even playing a down on the field!

with love, Damaris