Holiday Hosting: Five Ways To Prepare

We’re so excited about hosting Thanksgiving this year! Last year was the first time we all gathered in our home, and it filled the feast with more meaning than ever before. Of course, there’s no shortage of eating, and we always plan for a walk and for leftovers for days! We don’t get to see cousins but twice a year, so you best believe we’ll be savoring every morsel of time together!

The joy of preparing our hearts and our space happens long before they come through our door. Even as the table is set for the feast, it’s more than a cozy family gathering, but the knitting of hearts in gratefulness. Welcoming others into our home isn’t so much about the space, but about our readiness to prepare a place in our home and hearts.

As we plan for the upcoming holiday gathering in our crowded household, I was reminded of these five ways to help us prepare:

  1. Take time to fill your own soul so can give to others.

  2. Pray that we walk humbly so that our guests (family or friends) can see our failures and the all-sufficient grace of Christ.

  3. Pray that we may lighten someone’s load.

  4. Don’t grow weary in all the doing so we aren’t tempted to grumble. Remembering that serving others is the same as serving Him. (Matthew 25:31-46).

  5. Welcome them generously!

I have prayed for you as you prepare to open your home to family and friends, that everyone will leave deeply nourished beyond the feasting and aware of God’s abundance.

with love. Damaris