Stop Eating Your Kids' Leftovers!

Pizza crusts, a cold bowl of tomato soup with soggy goldfish, dried sandwich crusts, brownie corners… Are you guilty of eating your kids’ leftovers and counting it as your meal, or maybe you eat them in addition to your meal? I do.

This absolutely must stop. We focus on what we feed the children. Do you carefully make menus so they enjoy a variety of nutrients? What is happening!?

The other day, I made tuna salad for the children’s lunch and gave them each a handful of crackers and a peeled banana. I went back into the kitchen feeling hungry for a crunchy romaine salad (yes, I’m one of those people-ha!) and thought that opening a can of tuna and soft-boiling two eggs would be the perfect addition. Topped with some olives- yum! So I’m chopping away my lettuce, and hear the baby waking up. Give him a little lunch, and now everyone is done eating their lunch. The kids run back upstairs to finish their schoolwork – My hunch was right, they hadn’t finished their lunches.

So I eat the leftovers on their plates and the quarters and thirds of bananas. Then I thought about what had just happened and about how often I do this. The romaine was in a bowl, the water in a pot boiling waiting for the eggs, and I ate soggy crackers with tuna salad- I don’t even like mayonnaise! Don’t count the bananas – thirds of bananas x 7 kids… This happens fairly regularly: I don’t serve myself breakfast because the kids aren’t going to finish their pancakes. Seriously!? Today, I’m gobbling up the kids’ waffle pieces and finishing their yogurts. This must stop. Here are my rules:

  1. Give them smaller portions

  2. Bag (or cover the plates) the leftovers

  3. Save the leftovers for Holly (our Yorkshire pig)

I can’t help but wonder how different if would be if I sat down to enjoy a meal together even if it’s just the children. It would be enjoyable and taste good. Mindlessly eating their leftovers while I cleaned up was not in the least satisfying! We shouldn’t just feel satiated – meaning reaching capacity, but satisfied – enjoying the meal experience.

Do you struggle with this?

with love. Damaris