Time with God as a Busy Mom

I have struggled so much with when to have, and how much time spend, in my personal Bible study.

Ever since my teen years, I had been able to spend time in Scripture reading through the Bible and journaling almost daily. The journaling helped me to focus and draw out lessons, reminders, and encouragement from that day’s reading. Needless to say, in the last several (small lifetime?) years, I floundered to find the time.

How many days can I go before running out? Will people be able to tell I haven’t been in the Word? How will I fill up if I don’t have time to sit, read, and learn?

Truly, some days are so full of love and messes that I don’t have time to even go to the bathroom! I’m sure you’ve been there! And when I do get to finally steal away to the bathroom, little kid voices continue to talk to me through the door and little kid fingers slide papers under the door for me to see their drawings or check their math! Really?!?

So after feeling discouraged about my lack of time in personal Bible study, God brought to mind all the moments that had actually filled that busy Monday – morning Psalm reading with the kids, memorization of one new catechism, prayer at the breakfast table, the verses highlighted and prayer for forgiveness during the two discipline episodes during morning play, the verses we reminded each other of when we were struggling with working diligently during school…all this before lunch! Somehow I hadn’t noticed, but realizing that Christ had been my portion, sustaining me throughout the morning, gave my soul so much comfort!

Here are some of the ways I have studied Scriptures as a busy mom (one at a time, for a season):

  • A Psalm a day (can you create a tune for it?)

  • A Proverb of the day (there is one Proverb for each day of the month!)

  • Word study (the back of your Bible or online concordance will give long lists of verses under the same word.)

  • Reading one small book of the Bible again and again for a week or a month.

  • Reading a small section of a Bible chapter and using a commentary or an online study guide to dig a little deeper.

Moms bring more joy to their children’s lives when our souls are awake and gulping in His mercy and joy. I have prayed for you and me, that God helps us spread the aroma of Jesus everywhere.

with love, Damaris