Do Something that is Permanent

It’s the endless cycle.

Always wet clothes that need to go in the dryer and enormous piles of clothes that need to be folded. Not only do our people want clean clothes, they like to eat a lot. So there are bowls tipping in the sink, and no more clean forks, and the deli drawer in the fridge is empty again. Most of the things we do everyday are on repeat and constantly need redone. You never reach the end of the dishes or clean the last crumb or put in place the very last toy.

I’m struggling with it today. It’s hard. A part of me loves the little years, but today’s part of me is over it. Having fun generates lots of work – the snacks and the mess…again. Can you relate to this feeling? I can’t make headway.

What can I do about it? I read a long time ago a tip on parenting little ones: do one thing every day that is permanent. Make something, write a note to someone, call a friend, sew something, start a diy project. Anything of permanence will bring fulfilment and satisfaction of a job completed or at least in-progress. For me, writing this post today is my one thing that can’t get undone : )

So, how’s this: I’m extending a little challenge for you. If this daily doing and redoing sounds all too familiar, try this secret. Think of something that can’t be undone. Do it as soon as you can. Revel in the moment! There will still be laundry, dishes, meals, and homework, and laundry, dishes, meals, and homework; but I promise this small tip will give you some sanity. We all pine for improvement, progress, and completion. This will give you the gift of DONE.

What can you do today that can’t be undone? What are you going to do tomorrow?

with love, Damaris