The Bedroom: Peace and Calm

Over the last few months, I’ve received several comments about our bedroom, specifically how peaceful the space looks. So I wanted to give it some thought and share with you what might help to make your bedroom a more restful room.

First of all, is your bedroom the dumping grounds in your house? Oftentimes, the bedroom is out of sight and get’s all the mismatched socks on the chair, library books on the dresser, mail on the nightstand. Get better sleep and reduce stress? Would a special haven and safe place from the busy demands feel soothing to you? Our bedrooms can be more than just a soft place for us to lay our head. Spending time in our bedroom should inspire rest and rejuvenation everyday.

Let’s consider ways that your own bedroom could bring calm and melt the pressures of the day away. To achieve serenity in the bedroom, less is more. Eliminating clutter will instantly help you feel relaxed when you enter your room. Anything that is stimulating needs to stay in the kitchen or the office! TV and work desks are not conducive to calm and tranquility. Cleared surfaces in the bedroom and minimal décor will welcome you with comfort and relaxation.

Here are a few ideas to help you create a peaceful bedroom:

  • Paint a light neutral color

  • Keep only the necessary things in the bedroom: bed, nightstands, dresser or vanity, maybe a stool/bench/chair and a mirror

  • Sconces or bedside lamps

  • A larger rug or two bedside rugs

  • Oil diffuser helps relax and clear the air

  • A scented candle open on the dresser will give your bedroom a soft fragrance

  • Soft sheets in a neutral and tiny pattern

  • Natural textiles (cotton, linen, knit or wool throws) add comfort

  • Display favorite things – only those that are useful and beautiful

  • Down comforter and a few extra pillow that you can use to prop up and read or relax before sleep.

  • Add texture for a cozy feeling

  • Add plants for an organic feel

What you see when you first wake up will set the tone for the rest of your day.

with love. Damaris