Family Currents: Seder + Birthdays + Easter

We had the opportunity to attend a Seder (Jewish Passover) presentation and found the symbolism in the tradition so insightful. The children were able to ask questions and eat the different components of the meal. Because the gentleman presenting was a Messianic Jew, his excitement for the elements in the Seder meal that point to Christ was inspiring and a blessing. He walked us through the Scripture passages that reference the Passover beginning with Exodus 12, then read Matthew 26. We enjoyed such an encouraging time and were grateful for the educational and edifying opportunity!

Two pretty girlies celebrated birthdays too! Their anticipation building for weeks, it finally was their special day. Nora and Providence glowed with elation. How fun to be 6 and 4, and eat strawberry cake, and open little gifts, and wear fairy wings!

Easter is truly becoming more deeply meaningful in our family. In years past, it came and went with hardly more than a hurried weekend’s nod. This year, as a family, we purposed to have special readings and hymn singing each night leading up to Easter. We also were able to host dinner after Easter services! The meal was plentiful and the cousin time exuberant!

with love. Damaris