Rhythms and Routines

Do you ever have that nagging feeling that you’re forgetting something and just can’t put your finger on it? Sometimes I’ve spent an entire morning feeling like a ping pong ball – bouncing here and there, but getting no where! Grrr….that can be so frustrating!

I think that building in some predictability to my days is essential, moreover, it’s an anchor that keeps my days consistent regardless of the ocean of chaos I’m currently bobbing in. I’m convinced that some carefully crafted rhythms in a home help everyone in the family to enjoy the comforts of home and also helps us keep up with our work so that things do not go completely haywire. Being rooted in our rhythms comes over time, and promises a sense of fulfillment in the confidence that we’re not just reacting all the day. Life can move beyond survival-mode to accomplishment-mode, and we can enjoy home and the people in it.


Consistency translates into a more calm and contented environment essential to growing and nurturing together as a family. Especially when we have little ones, rhythms and routines give a strong foundation for growth, and all the members of the family have something to lean into. The simple rhythm of morning and bedtime routines are the most natural anchors for us all. Meal times can also serve a constant comfort that helps ground the day.


Creating a rhythm or flow to our day doesn’t mean dedicating long hours to creativity and crafting, but it also doesn’t mean boring! It doesn’t mean days will be monotonous with no fun or time to explore. Routines welcome heaps of wonder and play, a positive management of the natural stream of work which naturally never ceases. Embracing a routine gives us freedom to enjoy the moments’ activities.


Helping children understand and remember what to expect in their day means that they will be more willing and ready to help move on to each next thing. When they are included in the routines, children feel proud to help often being independent to do more on their own (before meals, clean-up, bedtimes, etc). For example, if the children know that they take a bath, slip into clean jammies, brush teeth, and have family prayer before bed every night, they’ll move along this rhythm taking some initiative.


Crafting rhythms certainly doesn’t mean striving for perfection. Picture yourself as an artist cultivating beauty, love, and comfort. Listen to your natural rhythms and your personal preferences. Every home will be different. You’ll be much happier with your routine if the rhythm gives you pleasure and the order comes from your own personality.

Rhythms and routines bring calmness and confidence of knowing that we’re prepared. Where to start? Write out when you want wake-up, meal, and bed times to be. Then add in the times when you have commitments (preschool, swim lessons). Now you have a relaxed and manageable routine that will help with the flow of your day. Next week, I will share our morning routine!

She dresses herself with strength
and makes her arms strong.

She perceives that her merchandise is profitable.

Her lamp does not go out at night.

Proverbs 31:17,18

with love. Damaris