Rise and Shine: Morning Routines

When I wrote last week’s post about the beauty of rhythms and routines, I realized it would be helpful to give a small example of what that looks like in our home. For us in this season, it’s not about scheduling each half-hour increment, but having a rooted routine that helps with the flow as well as the preparedness of our day. We choose to accept the limitations of a full and lively house, and we keep it very simple. Our rhythm helps us feel settled and enjoying the comforts of home. Also, I actively try to be purposeful with the amount of stuff we accumulate and store. The not-infrequent debate over the found bottle cap or the treasured rock found in the gravel driveway is balanced against the alternative of a constant clutter management.

Our Morning Routines, An Example:

7am: Mom up and waking everybody up. Get dressed. Make beds and tidy rooms. Brush teeth and hair.

Morning jobs: Collect the laundry. Wipe the bathrooms. Empty trash bins.

8am: Breakfast and clean up. Devotions at the table. Finish any chores.

9am: School and creative play for the little ones (play dough, draw/color, puzzles)

12pm: Lunch and clean up. Take a break.

This is just a little look at how we create rhythms in the morning. I hope it helps!

When creating your routines, consider what brings you joy and what times of the day or tasks are stressors. If beautifully fluffed pillows on the sofa bring you joy then take the time to fluff them. If reading aloud, helping the children find outfits and doing their hair, or cooking a meal with fresh ingredients brings you the most satisfaction at the end of the day, make those things a part of your daily rhythm.

In the same way, identify what brings you the most anxiety or stress (messy house, feeling unprepared at mealtime, not spending alone time with the kids), and do what you can to fix it. Your daily rhythm will feel comfortable and help the flow of your days. How you construct your day will not the same way as someone else’s way. For example, I’m usually very tired in the evenings, so we have bath time in the morning while I scrub the bathroom.

It is important that we allow God to soften the crippling voice of guilt, failure, or striving for perfection.

Most importantly, routines and rhythms should help you soak up this season of life! Think about your favorite aspects of your days (baby’s naps, spending time with your toddler, littles’ early bedtimes, help with house cleaning and laundry). God has providentially designed this season exactly how He wants it, and it’s up to us to make the most of it.

Which routines mean happy for you and the rest of the family? I’d love to hear.

with love. Damaris