Zoo Mamas

It’s been a strangely cold spring, but it warmed up last week, and we made plans to go to the zoo since our membership was about to expire. Nathan took the day off, and we headed to the zoo with packed lunches. We’re always surprised at how many school buses are lining the parking lot no matter the day we pick to go. So many people were there when the zoo opened!

My family went on in, but I took a detour to the bathroom. That’s when it happened. I saw the Zoo Mamas. The good ones. The prepared ones.

Parked at the entrance was the convoy of wagons with heaping amounts of nourishment, a week’s worth of H2O, and enough saltines to feed all the ducks in the western hemisphere. Somewhere as well were two little kiddos being thickly layered with white paste, decked out with hats, and even the cutest little sunglasses!

I am not that mom.

I am the mom who always forgets her sunblock, digging an expired one out of the glove box at the last minute. Only every other child owns a hat…so they share. We were at the zoo with a walking stroller, a grocery bag full of sandwiches, apples, and energy bites. Mostly everyone had a water bottle.

Throughout the day, I kept smiling with the thought that we are women of all different personalities, and we’ve been perfectly matched with our children. Isn’t that the most beautiful thing? I’m not implying that we shouldn’t care or should stop improving the love and care we give to our families. The truth is that those nagging voices of doubt, which make us question whether we’re good moms at all, deny God’s role in our motherhood. You and I have to come to terms that we’re the perfect one for our families. God’s fulfilling His purposes in us.

We’re driving back from the zoo as I write this, and we had a good day. We even saw a good friend! We didn’t feed the ducks, but we had plenty to eat. We didn’t burn, and we didn’t lose all the hats and sunglasses (because it would inevitably happen to me).

When we get home, I’m going to buy sunscreen because, even if I leave it in the car, at least it won’t be expired.

with love. Damaris