My Sweet Girl

My Sweet Eva,

God made you wonderfully, and we marvel at the gift of having you in our lives! Your cheerfulness is a delight in our family! My heart bursts to see how you watch for the needs of others and serve them with joy.

When you’re helping the little ones on the swing set or doing farm chores, I watch you from the kitchen windows and pray for you. I pray for your understanding of His love and mercy. I pray that you breathe in His goodness daily. I plead with the Lord that He protects you from all harm and evil, and that He continues forming you to have a gentle and quiet spirit, full of good works.

I pray that my own mothering mistakes won’t prevent you from seeing what a desirable and noble calling being a mother truly is. Being your mom is the greatest gift of my life.

Happy 12th Birthday, My Precious Girl!

with love. Mommy