For the Love of Books: April

For a little while now I’ve been trying to maintain a reading regimen. I try to study through three or four books each month. There have been a few reasons why I’ve found this to be a valuable effort – first, it helps me grow my ability to cook healthy and nourishing meals, to be better steward, and most importantly to grow in godliness and Christlikeness. I think it will be fun to use a bit of space on the blog each month to review some of the books I’m reading. Of course, while I don’t necessarily endorse all things written or said by the authors, I have been encouraged by these books and they all come recommended to me. I hope you will share with me your recommendations, too! I hope you will share with me your recommendations, too!

The Lifegiving Table: Nurturing Faith through Feasting One Meal at a Time

The table is a celebration of God’s goodness, and the value of table discipleship in forming the hearts of small children is invaluable! Although the book was full of ideas on how to open your home to create spaces where community can be enjoyed, it’s definitely focused on building family and friend relationships right in the heart of home. Both practical and highly inspiring, this book is overflowing with love and encouragement in every page. Each chapter boasts a couple Clarkson favorite family recipes, and Sally Clarkson shares so many great ideas to create traditions. Traditions build family cultures that “build strong roots, positive emotional expectations, and stable foundations.” This quote from the end of the book reminds us about the epic celebratory feasting at the table: “Someday we will all be together at the most wonderful banquet we could ever imagine, with the best food, the most soul-enriching beauty, the finest in companionship. The occasion will be the wedding feast of the Lamb.”

True Feelings: God’s Gracious and Glorious Purpose for our Emotions

It will make you look at emotions on a whole new way! It makes a clear case that our emotions are meant to be handled Biblically and to draw us closer to God. The authors give a lot of practical steps one can take to train our hearts and minds in order that our emotions aren’t sinful. By aligning our beliefs and values to Scripture, we can have a strategy to quiet our hearts through turning to God and remembering His truth. Carolyn Mahaney and her daughter Nicole Whitacre make a great writing duo! Enjoy a little taste of the book with these quotes: “Emotions are from God, for the glory of God.” “Emotions are not dangerous. We are in danger, though, if our emotions are not satisfied in Christ.”

Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with God

I began this devotional on January 1st, and finishing it a few days ago left me a little sad. This book has been a faithful companion from which I drew daily encouragement. These simple yet deep devotions centered my thoughts and heart on God. Because the thought was short and focused, I remembered it and was able to meditate throughout the day. Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk alternate their writing which keeps it fresh. Here are a couple quotes: “As a mother, I am an instrument of peace at home with my family. God wants to use me to bring peace to my household and into my children’s lives.” “So today, regardless of what is going on, begin to pray for your husband. Pray hard and pray often. Ask your Father to lead your husband, provide for him, protect him, and draw him close to Jesus. One of the greatest acts of love for our husband is to lift him before the throne of God.”

with love. Damaris