My Summer Favorties

Spring is quickly blossoming into summer and my senses are intoxicated. The warmed grass, the lilacs, and the apple blossoms visit me through open windows. Nathan just told me that there’s one peony bud too! I can’t get enough, really. Whatever schoolwork didn’t get completed in the morning, we take it outside to the picnic table. One of my most favorite sounds of summer is the frogs and toads at night. We sleep with the windows open, and it’s so soothing to hear.

Transitioning into summer also means new favorites! I have compiled what I’ve been using lately, and what I love the most.

I don’t like to wear foundation, so I let my freckles take over. I’ve never minded them, and using this light primer with a little tint from Pixi. It’s perfect! It feels smooth and adds radiance. I use it after my moisturizer whether I’m doing make up or not.

Summertime is a great opportunity to give hair a break, and I don’t blow dry it. This product is the best for natural, low-maintenance tussles. It’s called Not Your Mother’s – Beach Babe. It adds just a little body and wave plus smells like a day at the beach! I use it while my hair is damp and scrunch it with my hands. I’ll apply it again on the second day (without another wash). I have used this product for three summers now and still love it.

I usually wear Pixi’s clear lip gloss, but I ran out, and felt adventurous : ) It’s still a very natural shade yet adding a touch of color to my face. It’s a lip plumper without the tingling sensation. This lip gloss is not thick nor sticky but feels cooling and hydrating.

I find that because we spend more time outside and in the wind, my hair may need a little TLC. I started to use this serum irregularly in the winter, but now I apply it twice a week only to the ends just before bed (I keep it in my nightstand). It leaves no residue, and my hair feels and looks healthier in the morning.

I love picking a new scented candle for the new season! This one is flowery but not perfumy. I picked it up at World Market a few weeks ago, and everybody enjoys the fresh scent. I always light a candle when I’ve cleaned up the kitchen! How do you reward yourself?

This Jergens Natural Glow self tanner is the prettiest, most natural color I’ve found. Tanning products usually have a unfavorable smell and leave you either streaked or orange-toned, but this mousse goes on easily giving you an immediate tan! I tried using a mitt to apply the self-tanner, but it didn’t work well for me. Remember to scrub your palms immediately, though!

Lastly, I’m always cold. Unless it’s hot. Then I’m really hot. My husband says I have 1 degree of comfort, and he’s totally right. Hence this cardigan from Old Navy. I wear it everyday because the mornings are cold, the grocery store is cold, the library is cold…It’s the perfect weight and color for summertime.

What are you are your summer favorites? I love to hear your recommendations and ideas!

with love. Damaris