Have You Heard the News?

Photo Credits: Maria Wild

We’ve lingered for weeks into months holding this secret.

My body is slowly, conspicuously telling what’s been growing inside.

During a slow winter Saturday morning, Nathan read a Scripture passage in Exodus after pancakes. It was the story of Moses’ birth and how his mother kept him because he was beautiful. Nathan explained that there was nothing extraordinary and charming about baby Moses – he wasn’t especially handsome, but that she saw God’s creation. “She knew the little baby was made in the image of God – he was a fingerprint of the Creator. Life is beautiful.” I almost cried both hormonal tears and tears of joy.

Never before have I not told Nathan the news of a positive pregnancy test as soon as I find out. But this time, I felt that I had the courage of cupping my hands around this secret. Since Valentine’s Day was only three or four days away, it would be special to share on that morning. In the excitement (and my usual lack of control over secrets), I celebrated Valentine’s Day a day early. Nobody said anything until I was all done with my gifting and sharing The News! If you follow us on Instagram, we posted a little video of the unveiling of the secret. The children were at the breakfast table when Nathan opened his card which read, ‘Lots of Poop and a Whole Lot of Love.’ He knew instantly, but the children wanted to get a clear interpretation : ). So much excitement on that early morning! We were all so giddy that we wanted to take the day off to celebrate.

We chose to tell my parents on Father’s Day, which in Spain is on March 19th. We were all on speaker phone, and the children announced it so loudly that it took several attempts until my parents understood. To Nathan’s parents, we shared the news the day before Easter. Providence (still 3) asked Nathan’s mom if she was having a baby. Upon her glancing at me, and I blushing, Providence finished by saying that we were. Lots of joy and congratulations brought relief that the secret wasn’t mine to keep any longer.

God is so good!

We have a lifetime of blessings still growing inside, and I’m so glad that it’s no longer a silent family affair. It feels great to know that all of you know and care. Thank you!

with love, Damaris