First Trimester: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Photos Credits: Maria Wild

I had all the symptoms. I was obviously going through a growth spurt – eating, and sleeping, and a touch of the flu.

All I did for many weeks was survive.

The first trimester was more difficult than any other of my previous pregnancies. I would be lying if I didn’t tell you it was hard. I would also be lying if I told you I wished it to go away, though. Every moment of every day, I praised God for His gift, and the children stepped up to help. They asked many times throughout the day how I was feeling. They often got breakfast started, made little lunches, entertained baby Samuel so I could rest, or just jumped up on my bed and did school right by my side. Prime time’s portrayal of morning sickness is waking up to a nauseous feeling followed by running to the bathroom at the smell of coffee. But many of us know that morning sickness lingers all day, progressively getting worse until you fall asleep while clutching your stomach.

I didn’t want to frighten the children, so often after I groaned I’d reassure them that there were only a couple more weeks of this, and that then I’d feel so much better. Their gregarious joy over the new baby helped me more than they will ever understand. Many times daily they all showed care and concern. I heard, “Mom is tired, I can help you.” “Mom is sick, but the baby’s not sick.” “Dad told us to make lunch today.” “Let mom rest.” “How is your baby today?” “Can I see if the baby grew?” Mostly, the little girls climb on me, and squeal again and again about how excited they are. My cup overflows.

Vacillating between “I have to vomit” and “Give me all the pretzels and blue cheese“, I ate so many carbs! You might remember our Whole30 endeavor being cut short by 5 days a few months back. This pregnancy is the culprit. I could not take another day. Nothing I could eat on the program sounded good anymore, and the few things that didn’t make my stomach churn were not allowed. So, I called it quits in favor of eating something decent during those difficult early weeks of pregnancy. Totally worth it, as you can imagine.

I had far more nausea than exhaustion, which I am so grateful for. It would be very difficult to have them both severely – which I know many women have. Amazingly, amidst the morning sickness, I managed to gain a few pounds… on donuts and pizza! Come to think of it, I’m still on that diet : )

We are overjoyed with a growing bump that reminds us everyday of the blessing of a new life. The profound honor of carrying a miraculous creation of God. Also, we are thrilled to have the anatomy ultrasound this week and share more news with you!!!

with love. Damaris