20 Weeks and Ultrasound

I had my midwife appointment this morning, and it was so relaxing I just had to share : )

I had fresh banana muffins so Nathan would give the children breakfast and start the day. Since I’d left with a few minutes to spare, I sat in a silent car in the parking lot, did my make-up, called my mom (it’s her birthday today!), and had enough time for one more visit to the bathroom – huh.

The appointment went great. Hearing the baby’s heartbeat is as exciting as it was 14 years ago when I heard it coming from my belly for the first time. I so wish I could hear it again tomorrow, and the next day, and when I’m lying in bed praying for the baby! My midwife reviewed the ultrasound, and everything is beautiful. God’s mercies overwhelm me.

I had seen signs for a Starbucks in the building, so today when the appointment was over, I went on a hunt for it. A Dulce de Leche Skinny Cappuccino never tasted so sweet. Ah, now I’m home and about to prepare lunch, but I just had to share with you my splendid morning and the latest update on week 20 and our ultrasound.

Sleep is great these days, although I can’t break the habit of having a cup of tea at bedtime. I’m sure you know that’s an unavoidable 3 o’clock trip to the bathroom. I’m so grateful to fall right back to sleep, though.

According to Nathan, I am craving hot sauce and vinegar. Nothing too epicurean, but certainly goes great on everything. I have them both in bulk-size in the pantry – ha! I’ve noticed that I’m hungry for real food as in hot meals not really sandwiches, or cereal, or crackers. Yesterday I had a bowl of lentils for breakfast! No more leftovers in this house! I’m very happy to not have any sweet cravings…yet. Other than today’s grande cappuccino.

You don’t know how incredible grateful I am to have you here sharing this journey. I can’t believe it’s Baby Number 8! It seems natural and crazy all at the same time : )

with love, Damaris