Second Trimester Update

All photo credits: Maria Wild

So much has changed since I was pregnant with our first! I remember going in for monthly check-ups, and my OB would ask if I had Braxton-Hicks. I had no idea what she was talking about and assured her that I didn’t have any. The weeks were eternal, the wardrobe was all new, the indulgences kept coming, the house cleaning, matching little outfits, and storing of newborn diapers was in full swing. So much has changed since my first pregnancy!

Every week, I read to the children the baby’s development, size, and weight. They’re so very curious, and it’s pure joy for me to see how much they’re bonding with baby even while in-utero. BabyCenter and TheBump have weekly updates that have been interesting to follow. This week’s baby-size-from-the-produce-isle is a head of lettuce : )

This is the last week of our second trimester, and I thought I’d let you in on a few of the latest, exciting things happening around our pregnancy. A new thing since the last couple of weeks is stacks of natural, calm birth books on my nightstand. Also exciting is that, so far, I have had no heartburn or leg cramps. No sneezing accidents or backpain. No constipation or swelling. I sleep great and enjoy feeling baby’s turns and squirms. I am immensely grateful for endurance and stamina while sporting a bump-turned belly (starting to look huge from where I see it) and keeping up with potty training an almost 2 year old, daily outings, and what you already figure is normal logistics of a large family.

I only see my midwife every 6 weeks, and this past Friday was my appointment. I’m measuring on track, my blood pressure is low, and baby’s heartbeat is beautiful. She’s the best and was ok with me declining the glucose test. I’ve declined it before with my previous OB because my blood sugar is always low even after the sugar-shock of the little drink. It’s really nice to have the professional’s trust since this is not our first baby. Since the first midwife appointment at the beginning of our pregnancy, I have been asking her many questions about unmedicated childbirth and alternative birthing experiences. She recommended that I bulk up on some good reading material, hence all of my reading.

Last week, the girls and I went to a baby store and picked out a natural baby wash and a couple zipper pajamas. I will wash everything and show you soon! This is essential for me! I have prepared for each of our babies well in advance, sewing, choosing something new, washing, folding, and maybe doing it again a couple more times : ) I pray for their little person. I bond with them with each and every loving act of preparing.

with love. Damaris