28 Weeks: A Ball, Some Books, and Probiotics

I have never sat on an exercise ball until today. I’ve been offered one in the delivery room before, but that didn’t seem like the most appropriate time for me to learn balance. So, eighth baby, and I’m trying not to roll off one minute and trying to stay awake the next minute. It is so relaxing and the most comfortable way to sit for your lower back and pelvis. It’s really very relaxing and its fullness down your legs feels soothing. I picked the small one because I’m a small person and knew that the children would have some fun with it. So far there’s lots of rolling on it, practicing piano while sitting on it, playing basketball, you name it. Anyways, you can find them around $10 – not sure why it’s taken me this long : )

We ferment kefir daily and enjoy it with strawberries and bananas with our lunch, we brew kombucha and can go through a gallon of it pretty quickly, I love vegetables cooked and raw, but my gut has never felt as balanced as these last few weeks. I began taking this probiotic, and I feel great! It came highly recommended by a friend who is also pregnant and had done some research. There are many benefits to taking a higher dose of probiotics during pregnancy as it’s vital for our body to be well nourished. It’s also beneficial for the overall immunity of the newborn. Probiotics are a simple and powerful way to protect both mom and baby!

Lastly, I shared with you that I had been reading natural birthing books for both education and inspiration, and maybe links to the books would be helpful. I did not buy any of these books but am borrowing from the library. Of note: most of these authors do not view God as creator nor sustainer, rather their outlook is limited to a reliance on ‘inner wisdom’ or ‘inner strength’ and evolutionary rationale.

Husband Coached Childbirth

Giving Birth with Confidence

Calm Birth

Your Best Birth

A Good Birth

HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

with love. Damaris