A Sweet Second Birthday

In the last several weeks before Samuel’s birthday, we’ve had little presents for him on the top shelf of our bedroom closet. And when he’s in our room, he points and “sings”. It was fun to see that he might be understanding his special day was coming up, and we’d celebrate!

Now it has arrived, and I can’t say enough how much I love this age! Two years old means lots of learning, lots of loving, and lots of laughing! He’s still sweet and needing to cuddle, hilariously repeating everything we say, and all with a side of sass. Hmmmmm.

He’s fallen hard for bugs. All kinds of bugs! We (I) are trying to teach him that not all insects are ok to hold. So, yesterday I found him in the basement, long wooden sword gripped with both hands saying “spider, spider” as he neared the corner. Surely this is a more masculine manner of bug-fighting than bringing them to mom in the kitchen.

Trucks, and tractors, and all things loud fascinate him. Especially trains. And he loves chocolate!

He’s so cute! If I haven’t told him 2,455 times in a day, I haven’t said it enough.

So tonight we celebrated his birthday. The children helped with the streamers, and banners, and lanterns. Eva baked this chocolate cake,and the little girls helped her wrap presents. When Samuel woke up from his nap, we all stood around and watched his face light up and glow with pleasure.

My sweet, sweet boy, you’ll never know how much you are loved.

Happy Second Birthday, Samuel!

with all of my heart. Mama