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S – I – L – K: Single Income Lots of Kids

We are blessed, so we’re thankful and want to share that with you! We’re a busy little family of 8 sometimes goofy, sometimes serious, always rascally kids – 4 girls and 4 boys.

We love God – He helps us with that. We love each other – He helps us with that, too. And as we are spending our time (and money) at Costco or folding laundry or washing dirty ‘feetsies’ (as Nora calls them) or building sheep pens, we are busy trying to be faithful to God’s calling for us: namely, to love Him, to love others, to love his people with all the resources He puts in our hands. And, yes, those resources look like lots of little fingers and toes, some acres of pasture, and a barn or two!

photo credit: Laurel Hogge Photography

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